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Athletics & Entertainment Facilities AV and Controls

TAV specializes in seamlessly integrating cutting-edge technology across various domains, transforming athletic facilities, arenas, and entertainment venues into multifunctional hubs. By harmonizing pro-audio, video, camera Lighting, and recording capabilities, we enable guests to immerse themselves in high-quality sound and visuals during basketball games, volleyball matches, and concerts. Our holistic approach extends to production, lighting, A/V distribution, and streaming solutions, enhancing the experience for graduation ceremonies, trade shows, and public events. We also leverage projection technology to create captivating displays. Tri-tronic's comprehensive integrations ensure that guests enjoy unparalleled entertainment, making these venues dynamic and versatile spaces for all occasions.

Campbell University called us to take care of their audio visual needs on the field and on the court. 


A football game is designed for total immersion, where every sight and sound enhances the overall sensory experience.

That is exactly what we provided here.

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