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Corporate & Educational Facilities AV and Controls

TAV excels in integrating cutting-edge technology, encompassing pro-audio, video, camera lighting, recording, production, lighting, A/V distribution, streaming, projection, and more to craft dynamic spaces to meet your needs. Our solutions elevate courtrooms, corporate conference rooms, integrated classrooms, and stock trading facilities, fostering professional experiences with seamless audio and visual components. These integrations facilitate global connectivity, ensuring that these spaces serve as hubs where communication and collaboration transcend boundaries.

In a recent project with Harnett Regional Jetport, we've equipped their multi-purpose room with advanced audio visual technology. Featuring a top-tier sound system, web conference capabilities, and seamless integrations, the all-purpose room is designed for local, state, and global collaboration. 

Screen Shot 2023-10-19 at 8.40.08 PM.png

In another project, a School of Physical Therapy reached out to us for assistance in creating an interactive lab environment that would allow the broadcasting of the instructor at the front of the lab to a screen at each station where future physicians would learn their hands on techniques needed to shape the healthcare of the future.  This screen was populated by a camera that followed the instructor.

Air vents and harsh lighting made visuals and sound quality challenging.  The screens were chosen for their quality and sharpness to allow the finest detail to be seen while integrated sound was pushed through carefully placed speakers into the ceiling.  Finally a camera system was integrated to allow the instructor a better view of the room while guiding these scholars to enable better assessment of techniques. 

These audio visual components were integrated into an instructor station and wall switches allowing ease of turning on, connecting, and assessing students.

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