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Brittany Lee

Office Manager

Brittany Lee, a devoted mother to two wonderful boys, radiates enthusiasm not just for her family but also for the exhilarating world of football. As a fervent Kansas City Chiefs fan, her passion extends to all things football-related, fostering a vibrant sense of community around the sport. This zeal for sportsmanship and teamwork exemplifies her approach to her role at TAV.

Since 2021, Brittany has played a pivotal role as a secretary in the audiovisual industry. However, her significance within the team extends far beyond her administrative duties. Brittany is dedicated to ensuring that every interaction with TAV leaves a lasting, positive impression. Her commitment to fostering great first impressions is evident in her work, as she understands the importance of these initial encounters in building strong, lasting relationships with clients and partners. She is grateful for the opportunity to be part of the TAV team, considering it her ideal professional home where she can contribute her skills and passion to create memorable experiences.

Brittany Lee

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