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Laura Penny


Laura Penny is a vital part of the Tri-Tronics team, bringing an impressive background of over two decades of administrative and accounting expertise. Her journey began with an Associate's degree in Accounting, and she has continuously honed her skills with Excel certifications, specialized training in Payroll Law, and even a Certificate in medical billing and coding. This diverse skill set has made her an invaluable asset to the company, playing a pivotal role in contributing to Tri-Tronics' financial success over the past decade.

Outside of her career, Laura is a dedicated wife and loving mother of three wonderful children. Her ability to balance the demands of a dynamic professional role with the responsibilities of family life speaks to her remarkable organizational skills and dedication. Laura's unwavering commitment to both her career and her family exemplifies her ability to excel in multiple facets of her life, making her not only a valued colleague but also a role model for achieving work-life balance and success. Her contributions to Tri-Tronics extend far beyond the office, as she plays an integral role in ensuring the company's financial stability and growth.

Laura Penny

Associate's degree in Accounting, Excel certifications, specialized Payroll Law training.

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