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Niels Hempel

Account Representative

Niels is a seasoned professional with an impressive span of experience beginning in 2005 in the audiovisual industry, initially making a name for himself as a sound engineer for regional and national artists. In 2011, he joined our team, bringing his extensive experience and a deep passion for recording and mixing. At TAV, Niels plays a pivotal role, collaborating closely with clients and our design team to develop innovative solutions that not only solve problems but also engage and captivate audiences. His unique blend of technical expertise and creative ingenuity positions him as a valuable asset in our mission to deliver top-notch AV solutions.

Niels's journey from mixing music for renowned artists to problem-solving and audience engagement at TAV exemplifies his adaptability and commitment to excellence. His dedication to delivering exceptional results, coupled with his rich background in audio, makes him an invaluable member of our team, where his passion for sound continues to drive our success.

Niels Hempel

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