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Worship & Convocation Facilities AV and Controls

TAV masterfully combines pro-audio, video, camera lighting, recording, production, lighting, A/V distribution, streaming, projection, and more to craft immersive worship experiences. With surround sound and crystal-clear, easy-to-read lyrics projected seamlessly, we create captivating worship experiences with unobtrusive components seamlessly blended into the structure.

In this particular house of worship, they desired an integrated system that could provide both audio and visuals that wouldn't distract from the message.  We began with dual screens that retract to maintain the esthetics of the room.  

The projectors are carefully concealed to avoid a harsh appearance while thin wires for the microphones prevent the eye from being drawn away from the speaker or musical performance.  

Lastly the speakers are integrated in such a way that most patrons will not notice them but they will notice the full bodied and surround sound.

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